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Evergreen Natural Health Center Portland Oregon photoAt Evergreen Natural Health Center our goal is to provide the highest quality naturopathic and Chinese medical care available. We take the time to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, treating the whole person and recognizing that all aspects of the patient’s health—physical, emotional, and mental—are inseparably related. We believe that health is feeling vital and is not merely the absence of disease.

The physical clinic, in Southwest Portland, is an 1800 square foot space opened by Dr. Brody in 2007. She set out to create a beautiful environment filled with natural materials that would allow patients to relax and enjoy their time there.

We pride ourselves on short wait times and long enough appointments that you feel heard. You’ll not find yourself in the waiting room long, unless you are one of those who deliberately arrive early to enjoy our magazine selection and a cup of tea before your appointment.

The practitioners at ENHC have a truly integrative approach that reaches beyond our clinic. We not only work together collaborating on patient care, but we also are committed to assisting you in putting together a team that meets your individual needs. That may include western medical primary care and specialists as well as practitioners of other natural health disciplines. We understand that each patient has his or her own value system around health. It is our job to understand your values and support you within them.

We have our operating hours, address and contact form here, and find directions to our office here.